Piles or hemorrhoids is the conditions of swollen vein in the rectum or anus that causes difficulty in passing stools or feces and difficulty in defecation and it lead to bleeding. so i will cover in details the causes the symptoms almost everything in simple explanation which you need to know about hemorrhoids the treatment the tests etc etc. if you want to know about health and have health concerns. So hemorrhoids are swollen veins in your anus yes they are inside your anus or in the lower part of the rectum just above or inside. They are basically coming from inside the anus, mucous membrane and there are veins. So these veins are basically dilated or swollen and caused piles and hemorrhoids.

Causes and Risk factors

So Piles or hemorrhoid, why would this happen? Let me tell you guys actually it is very common it's very calm and this is actually happens.
  • Because of increased pressure on the Anus.
  • Because of straining during fetal movement during passing stools so this can occur even during pregnancy or childbirth or obviously.
  • Because of constipation so this pressure causes the normal Dilated veins and even the tissue around the veins to swell.
  • So there is swelling and because of this swelling this tissues become big the veins become very big and then it can bleed there for often. 
  • Because when the feces will pass through this swollen veins it can actually cause friction and sometimes it can bleed that is the issue. 
  • So hemorrhoids, can be because of straining during bowel movement it can be because of constipation it can be because of sitting for long period of time also, especially on the toilet, then even because of certain diseases like liver disease, liver cirrhosis or advanced alcoholic liver disease this can happen.

Types of Piles or Hemorrhoids:

So you need to understand that Piles or hemorrhoid can be of two types internal and external.
  1. Internal hemorrhoids (piles) : They can be just inside the body so you might not even see them ever or sometimes the veins gets so dilated so big, so sure that the part of the vein or the tissue might be coming out of the Anus so it might come outside the body also so internal hemorrhoids are inside the anus at the beginning of the rectum so they are above and when they are large they may fall outside which is basically in medical terms called prolapse. the most common problem with internal hemorrhoid is bleeding. obviously as I said this can happen during bowel movements and. 
  2. External hemorrhoids (piles) : they occur outside of anus and you can see this types of piles. So external hemorrhoid can cause difficulty in cleaning the ends obviously. If they're outside, it could be difficult to keep that area hiding. and if a blood clot is formed inside these external hemorrhoids external piles can be very painful and this condition is basically called thrombosed external hemorrhoid, and it is a very urgent surgical condition where you need to have a surgery.

Symptoms of Piles or Hemorrhoids:

So the basic symptom of any type of Piles or hemorrhoid is not serious but remember hemorrhoids usually do not pain, most often they are not painful but if you have a blood clot inside the hemorrhoids inside the piles then they can be very painful. so apart from this what can be the symptom are painless, bright red colored blood coming through the rectum and an itching, annal ache or pain specially while sitting or pain during bowel movements or sometimes there can be one or more tender lumps near the anus so these are the symptoms.

How to Diagnose Piles:

So the tests needed to diagnose this condition most of the times our doctor can diagnose by just looking at the rectal anal area and sometimes they can actually do a digital rectal examination and external hemorrhoids can be just seen from outside and obviously a rectal exam can be done if needed sigmoidoscopy or anuscopy can be done to have a better look inside what is going on, so these are the tests which actually can be used to diagnose the condition of Piles or hemorrhoid.

Treatment of Piles or Hemorrhoids:



So the treatment of Piles or hemorrhoid: They include numbers of measures first target is to reduce the swelling, Because of the irritation because of the friction of the stools there can be swelling around that veins or the tissue. so to reduce the swelling and the pain over-the-counter steroids like cortisone creams are used to give that relief of the pain and swelling.
Then hemorrhoid creams are available like lick no pain and cortisone creams, ointment this helps to reduce the pain this basically these creams are applied 15-20 minutes prior to defecation before you go to pass your stools.

And third most important thing is stool softener yes you need to soften your stool because the more hard stools you have the more they will cause friction to these dilated veins and the more chances of complications so stool softeners help to reduce straining it helps reduce constipation so further you know increase in these veins size will be prevented friction, will be prevented bleeding, irritation will be prevented.
So these are basic treatments and the second thing which you can do is, you can actually sit in lukewarm water for 15-20 minute which is basically called sitz bath, sitz bath can actually help you feel better you need to sit in warm water, don't sit in hot water or cold water. prefer lukewarm water without any clothes sit there for 15-20 minutes 2 3 4 times a day as much as you need.

Then other things which you can do to reduce itching is you can, if you have itching around the anal area you can apply some calamine lotion witch hazel to the area with the cotton swab you can wear cotton underwear avoid using tissue papers with current colors or perfumes, use baby wipes if you use tissue papers, use baby wipe and is inside and try not to scratch the area that's most important.

Then if your Piles or hemorrhoid are not getting better with all these home remedies, simple remedies you may need to see some type of office treatment, clinical treatment to shrink the swollen piles if the injections are available, Surgeries are available if office treatment is not enough. Only then we go for surgery, office clinical treatment to include these injections and surgery can be done. That means the hemorrhoid the dilated vein can be removed the swollen vein can be removed hemorrhoidectomy can be done and these surgical procedures are generally used for people with very severe bleeding or prolapse who are not responding to other treatment. So this is over about hemorrhoids there is nothing else to know there is nothing else that is no other treatment no other thing to do.

Operative Options:

There is need to Surgery, if you see around 1 of every 10 individuals with Piles or hemorrhoid will finish up requiring medical procedure as surgery.
  • Hemorrhoidectomy: The overabundance tissue that is causing the draining is precisely evacuated. Or totally surgical removal of piles or hemorrhoids is called hemorrhoidectomy. This should be possible in different ways and may include a blend of a neighborhood soporific and sedation, a spinal analgesic, or a general analgesic. This kind of medical procedure is the best for totally evacuating hemorrhoids, yet there is a danger of inconveniences, incorporating troubles with passing stools, just as urinary tract diseases.
  • Hemorrhoid stapling: Blood stream is obstructed to the hemorrhoid tissue. This methodology is typically less difficult than hemorrhoidectomy. Be that as it may, this methodology can prompt an expanded danger of hemorrhoid repeat and rectal prolapse, in which part of the rectum pushes out of the rear-end.
  • Banding: The specialist puts a flexible band around the base of the hemorrhoids, removing its blood supply. Following a couple of days, the hemorrhoid tumbles off. This is powerful for treating all hemorrhoids of not as much as evaluation IV status. 
  • Sclerotherapy: Medicine is infused to make the hemorrhoid shrivel. The hemorrhoids in the end withers up. This is powerful for evaluation II and III hemorrhoids and is an option in contrast to banding. 
  • Infrared coagulation: Also alluded to as infrared light coagulation, a gadget is utilized to consume the hemorrhoid tissue. This strategy is utilized to treat grade I and II hemorrhoids. 


If you have Piles or hemorrhoid and if there is a liver problem you need to deal with that first obviously, then if there can be complications like blood clot there can be tissue around the tumor or it can die and cause necrosis and indeed kind of stasis bleeding can lead to anemia iron deficiency anemia and other things nutritional deficiency can happen because of anemia and other things.
So a lot of complications can have occur so if you have any kind of rectal bleed, irritation or anything coming out of your anus, if you are bleeding and you're feeling dizzy lightheaded fainting, then go and get a health check-up consult the surgeon tell your concern they'll do the examination necessary tests and diagnose if you have this condition or not.

Prevention is possible in this case obviously constipation straining during bowel movements and sitting on the toilet for a long time are the main causes of hemorrhoids so avoid them.
You should basically drink a lot of fluid a lot of water, so that your bowels are not so hard and eat a high-fiber diet a lot of foods vegetables whole grains, consider using fiber supplements.

If you can tolerate banana, bananas are very good and natural laxatives you can eat 2 3 4 bananas on a daily basis consider using a fiber supplement sometimes fiber a high fiber diet slowly decrease swelling veins, if you increase high fiber and fluids your movement motions will become regular constipation will get relieved you can use stool softeners if needed to prevent straining but stop straining stop your constipation all these things can lead to hemorrhage or bleeding.


It's all about Piles or hemorrhoid these are also called rectum lump in the rectum. so don't worry about it these are not very serious and these are not a life-threatening get it treated if you have these conditions by consulting doctor. piles or hemorrhoids can be easily treated and can be easily cured from it. So please guys subscribe and follow me and please comment on below as giving your opinions, if this article stand helpful for you if not you can stop using and you can prefer other sites.

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