[How] Loneliness Increases heart Risk

Loneliness Increases Heart Risk

Loneliness Increases Heart Risk
Loneliness Increases Heart Risk Is this a true or its rumours so here I am gonna explain you that how loneliness affect to your heart or health if you are living alone or how Loneliness affects Health hey hey don't worry about that I think you are thinking that just you are at risk if you are living alone, so no it not as you are thinking. Here you can find actually how does it is.   
A research has conducted and study found that adults, particularly older people living alone are more level to heart attack and other heart problems. Danish researchers report that people who live alone face double the risk of serious heart disease compared to those living with a partner. The study involved more than 138,000 adults between 30 and 69. Between 2000 and 2002, 646 participants were diagnosed with severe angina or suffered heart attack or sudden cardiac death, situations that fall within the classification of acute coronary syndrome.

After analyzing the study data, researchers at Aarhus University Hospital Sygehus concluded that age and living alone were the two strongest predictors of acute coronary syndrome. Poorly educated and live on a pension were also associated with increased risk.
The study found that when living alone or loneliness, women over 60 and men over 50 were twice as likely, compared with other subjects of the study, acute coronary syndrome.
Single women over 60 comprised just over 5 percent of the study population, while single men over 50 accounted for just fewer than 8 percent. Still, single men over 50 accounted for two thirds of deaths from acute coronary syndrome within 30 days of diagnosis, while single women of the group of those over 60 made up 60 percent of all deaths.
Living with a partner, having a highly educated and having a job were associated with lower risk of acute coronary syndrome. Divorced women also had lower risk.
According to the authors, not only Loneliness Increases Heart Risk  but certain common factors among people who live alone may help explain the increased risk. These factors include smoking, obesity, hypercholesterolemia, and fewer medical appointments. People living alone may also have less access to social support networks.

Does Every Persons at risk who are living Alone

Now question arises that does all are at risk to develop? Its not I think if you are having any tension and stress, and you are living alone anywhere and living frustrating life, depression, etc. Or living social isolation, Then there are chances to develop by Loneliness so live a healthy life without taking any tension or frustration or depression because these all are only and only causes or risk factors that aggravated the risk to develop heart problems by loneliness.
Here you can see how it is click for video

How to Remove Loneliness that Increases Heart Risk

So if your life style is loneliness or if you live alone as so far your family. Let me tell you first, I mean you are living alone? There is no means that whether your girlfriend/ boyfriend is or not? So if you work any job by living in any city that is so far from your home So, you are living Rental room in a city, and there is no any medium to entertain for you else your job or work. And you have lots of burdens of job or project and living a frustrating life then you are at risk.
So how can we live a better life with living alone. So here are some ways to live better life with alone.
  • Don't let you feel that you are alone, and you need someone support. Like girlfriend and boyfriends. At young age a very first mistake we do that we search for any girlfriend and boyfriends, and when we can't get any friendships like girlfriend and boyfriends then we fall in depression or fill our mind with negative thoughts that make us weaker to develop Loneliness affects Health.
  • Don't listen any sad song or music that feels you sad else you can hear songs like motivated and enthusiastic song that make you feels motivated and enthusiastic.
  • Don't let you felt that if you don't have any girlfriend or boyfriend then you are not a perfect person, its not a good way to consider yourself.
  • Let your mind think about your family and that reason by which you are living alone or working so far from your family whenever you feel demotivated and depression. By doing this you will be motivated and hard workers.
  • Don't take any substance abuse like alcohol to cope up with loneliness, its act like as opposite as you think. Yes temporarily you feel better and get sleepy after having it. But for long time you are just addicted to have it to cope up with stress or depression. So by doing this you are inviting health problems as well as addiction to alcohol that you can't avoid after long time serving it.
  • Keep learning anything if you are alone because everyone knows that learning is the continuous process. As you know that there are a lots of digital way to learn anything there are a huge ways to learn anything from Internet like from YouTube, Google and there is a lots of online platform to learn online for free. So for this there is no need pay any money for lean. Only you have to do that select a topic by which you want to learn. And search on net or Google or YouTube.
  • A funny way to get rid of Loneliness increases heart problems that is, make a girlfriend or boyfriend but try to make it but no need to necessary to have a girlfriend or boyfriend to live a better life no way absolutely no.

A funny way to cope up with Loneliness


Yes there are lots of different way to cope up with Loneliness-Increases-Heart-Risk.
  1. Play a game on your mobile or phone, and your computer.
  2. Listen your favourite music and song but don't prefer to hear sad song.
  3. Watch your favourite movies, and videos.
  4. Talking with your friends and chatting gossip with friends.
  5. Watching your favourite program on TV listening radio.
  6. Trying doing new things to discover any hacks.
  7. Follow your hobby during Loneliness.
  8. Play guitar at alone time or read books comics, etc.
  9. Try to sing or learn for singing and dancing.
  10. Follow your passion.


So friends this is all about Loneliness-Increases-Heart-Risk so if you are living a loneliness life then don't worry about it. Live a freely and healthy life don't take tension and stress or depression else you live a happy life and tension free life to avoid Loneliness-Increases-Heart-Risk these all factors and above point help you live a happy life withe Loneliness.

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